August 31 - September 1, 2024

Batavia Airport | Batavia, NY

Mister Mulligan

Mister Mulligan

The "Mister Mulligan" flying in the Wings Over Batavia Air Show is a replica of the original Howard DGA-6 "Mister Mulligan" from 1936.

The original Howard DGA-6 "Mister Mulligan" was a racing plane designed for the sole purpose of winning the Bendix Trophy. It was designed by Ben Howard and Gordon Israel. The Howard DGA-6 was meant to fly a race nonstop at high altitude.

Mister Mulligan did win the Bendix Trophy in August 1935, with a top speed of 238.70 mph. It also won the Thompson Trophy in September 1935. It was the first aircraft to win both of those air races. In 1936, Mister Mulligan lost a propeller and crash-landed. The aircraft was destroyed.

Roughly 34 years after the accident a racing enthusiast tracked down the crash site and found many parts still in usable condition. He was able to use those parts to recreate the original Mister Mulligan. However, the plane when down during a timed run.

Shortly after a second replica was built. It is the one that Bataviators will get to see at the show. It uses original features of the Mister Mulligan and the Monocoupe 90.

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